Monthly in Edmonds, WA
Upcoming Circles: May 24, June 21, July 19, Aug 16

Sacred Women’s Circle

Join those called to ReBirth the Ancient Wisdom of the Divine Feminine in Sacred Women’s Circle. Held monthly in person on the Friday near the phase of the Full Moon from 7 pm – 930 pm at The Lodge Sanctuary in Edmonds, WA. This Circle is for Sacred Sharing, Sacred Teachings, and Sacred Support. Each circle will minimally include shamanic activation offered by Brooke, a sharing circle, chanting/toning and drumming, and teachings on the Sacred Feminine. The circle is facilitated by Brooke Bucci, CNM, ARNP, but is a co-creative ceremony with all present. The circle is open to anyone who identifies as a woman. The cost is $30. If you are in need of a sliding scale, the cost is $20.

Pay $30 click here

Sliding Scale – Pay $20 click here

For more details go to:The Edmonds Healing Energy Meetup Group

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