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Brooke Bucci, CNM

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Brooke’s extensive experience is unique in that it bridges the traditional healthcare system, the midwifery model of care, and multiple integrative therapies, resulting in a depth of experience and knowledge. Brooke is a Certified Nurse-Midwife Leader with 11 years of midwifery experience, 23 years of nursing experience, and 17 years of leadership experience, previously in the rural clinic/hospital setting and currently in the community birth setting, providing sexual and reproductive health services to woman from adolescence to menopause.  Brooke has attended over 1000 births as the delivering provider and is a committed advocate for client empowerment, birth choice and reproductive justice for all women and their families with focused service in vulnerable populations, most recently with the Dine people of the Navajo Nation.

From 2020-22, Brooke completed training in two energy healing modalities, Emotion Code and Multidimensional Consciousness and Embodiment Training. As of August 2022, Brooke has gone mobile and is now living out of her camper van in the Seattle Metro area. She has shifted to attending births part time at Foothills Midwifery in Enumclaw, WA and is deepening her understanding of the vocation of midwifery. She is embodying her purpose as Midwife to the Soul and has dedicated herself to supporting others on their journeys to wholeness. She offers guidance and accompanies those during significant life transitions, traveling the gateways of birth, life, death, and rebirth. 

Brooke's Credentials


Healing Training

  • Associate Degree in Nursing – 1999
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing – 2008
  • Masters Degree in Nursing with focus as Women’s Health Clinical Nurse Specialist – 2011
  • Graduate Certificate in Nurse-Midwifery – 2011
  • Licensed RN in WA and MD
  • Licensed Advanced Practice Nurse Midwife in WA and MD 
  • Certified in Electronic Fetal Monitoring, Inpatient Obstetrics, BLS, ACLS, ALSO, and NRP
  • Nexplanon Certified and experienced with all LARC options
  • First and Limited Third Trimester Ultrasound
  • AWHONN Fetal Monitor Instructor 2008-2018
  • Expert Witness RN/CNM 2008-2016
  • Extensive Leadership Experience as Lead Midwife in MD and Supervisory Midwife in AZ
  • 2007 AWHONN Emerging Leader.
  • 2014 Nurse of the Year Award, MNA, District IX
  • 2014 Outstanding Advanced Practice Clinical Award, MNA
  • 2016 Midwife Preceptor of the Year, ACNM Maryland
  • 2021 Award for Excellence, Navajo Area Indian Health Service Award
  • Reiki Level 2 – 1999
  • Healing Touch Level 2 – 2002
  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner – 2021
  • Multidimensional Consciousness and Embodiment Training, Advanced Soul Recovery, Level 1-4 – 2022
  • Spinning Babies Workshop – 2022
  • Shamanic Training, Institute of Shamanic Training – 2022



Brooke's Journey - in her own words

My journey into the healing arts began 26 years ago sitting in a sacred women’s circle where a midwife shared the magic of assisting new life onto this planet. This was soon after my son was born and the midwife’s words of empowerment spoke to me. Although I did not have a challenging birth experience I did not feel empowered during it. I clearly knew, listening to the midwife that night, that I had found my vocation to support others during this great transition. My path initially led to nursing school in 1996 and then I went on to become a Certified Nurse-Midwife in 2011. Since that time I have been gifted to assist over 1000 families during their pregnancy and birth experience, initially in Maryland and for the last 5 years, serving the Dine’ people of the Navajo Nation. I have always perceived pregnancy and birth as spiritual experiences and I approached every birth as such, but spirituality and birth is not a conversation that came up often between clients and myself. About 2 years ago, I felt the draw to share this aspect of myself more fully with others and to work with families that perceived these life events as spiritual experiences as well. 

I was called to a spiritual path since a young age, pondering early on how nonsensical it was that God would save one religious group and damn another. I grew up in the Catholic Church, but experienced resistance to its dogma. In my twenties, I was blessed to participate in a community learning traditional Cherokee teachings based on the work of Eli Gatoga and the Good Medicine Society and these teachings felt like coming home. This community regularly met for sweat lodges, ceremony, and classes. We prayed, drummed, danced, and ate in community in a good way on the Red Road path.  My teachers during this time, Carol Marcy, Duncan Sings-Alone, Grandmother Alloday, and Clyde Hall, were of Lakota and Cherokee ancestry and philosophy and I was blessed to be immersed in these nature and unity based teachings at such a young age. These teachings have been and are the foundation of my practice for years. 

When COVID began, I searched for connection and community virtually, and was blessed to reconnect with Starfeather, a Medicine Woman and mentor I had known since my 20’s. During COVID (and ongoing) she held online weekly meditation groups.  Additionally, I virtually connected with Emily Laine and Robert Layton of Advanced Soul Recovery who became my teachers of Multidimensional Consciousness and Embodiment Training. These experiences launched another level of reflection and growth for me. Over the last 2 years, I have completed the four level intensive Multidimensional Training, its mission to empower attendees with the tools, training, and personal guidance for transformation, soul expression, empowerment, and healing for ourselves and on behalf of others. In this time, I began to experience the traditional health care system as restrictive and suffocating and was lead to embody the vocation of midwifery in an even deeper way. And so what does that look like for me? Well it means minimizing down and becoming mobile. I have moved to mobile camper van living in the Pacific Northwest and have transitioned to attending births part time, as I expand my energy healing business. 

In this work as a Multidimensional Energy Healer and Emotion Code Practitioner, I shine light on your personal journey of awakening. I carry the lineage of Divine Birth, which applies to all transitions in life, not just bringing human life into this world. I illuminate the path and hold space for individuals during times of great transformation and rebirth, accompanying you on your journey home to the Truth of who you are, beyond the stories, wounds and self-doubt. Using multidimensional energy medicine, meditative journey techniques, and deep understanding of walking the path myself, I accompany and illuminate your journey of integration, embodiment, and activation of self-love and empowerment, as the Truth of your Soul Emerges. I am honored to walk this journey with you.

With deep sincerity and love, Brooke

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