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You don’t need to do it alone! Refining and cultivating your unique intuitive gifts is much easier with the support of an experienced guide. If you’re facing obstacles with a particular skill, are uncertain about the next steps to bring your healing abilities into service, or need support on your awakening journey, mentorship with Brooke can provide the essential support to unlock your full potential.

With extensive experience as a healer and guide, Brooke has helped many individuals like you achieve significant breakthroughs on their spiritual paths. She offers virtual 60-minute single sessions and two or four-week intensives, during which she will develop a program tailored to your unique needs.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Empower yourself with the guidance and support you need to thrive on your journey. Book your appointment with Brooke today and embark on a transformative path of growth and self-discovery.

To be the person we long to be,

we must be vulnerable. 

We must take off the armor,

put down the weapons,

show up,

and let ourselves be seen.

– Brene Brown

You may choose from:

  • Virtual 60-minute single sessions
  • Two or four-week intensives

How do the intensives work?

These individualized programs are tailored specifically to your needs. During your first virtual session, we will identify your goals and create a personalized plan. Your program may include multiple sessions (up to 3 for the two-week program and up to 6 for the four-week program), unlimited text/email access to the practitioner throughout the program, and supportive materials and assignments. Book your first 60-minute session by clicking below, and we will coordinate future meeting times at your first session. 

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