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Refining and cultivating your unique intuitive gifts is easier when you have the support of an experienced guide. If you’re encountering obstacles with a specific skill or unclear on the next steps to bring your healing gifts into service of others, mentorship with Brooke could provide the necessary support to unlock your full potential.

As a seasoned healer and guide, Brooke has helped numerous individuals like you navigate their spiritual paths and achieve breakthroughs in their practices.

If you’re ready to take your journey to the next level, consider booking a free consultation with Brooke. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your goals, challenges, and aspirations. Together, you’ll explore whether personalized mentorship with Brooke is the right fit for you.

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SEED MAMA print of beautiful watercolour Earth Mother image 1I will not rescue you,

For you are not powerless. 

I will not fix you, 

For you are not broken. 

I will not heal you, 

For I see you in your wholeness. 

I will walk with you through the darkness, 

As you remember your light. 


– A Medicine Woman’s Prayer by Sheree Bliss Tilsley


Sessions are available virtually by Zoom or in-person in Edmonds & Enumclaw, WA.