17 Aug

“Brooke – I want to express my gratitude for the sacred space you have held for me in our sessions. You are such a gifted lightworker and healer and I can’t thank you enough. I rarely have nightmares anymore and am in such a more peaceful place spiritually and mentally than I was before working with you. From the very first journey session you not only started clearing out the inherited trauma but also provided so much education in the process. You lifted the veil from my eyes and showed me a whole new reality at my fingertips. As we continued to work together you gently guided me to connect to the source and find the hurt little girl I was working so hard to protect. I was really unsure of what to expect but I never imagined true spiritual healing! You helped me to free my wounded inner child from the dark loneliness she was trapped in all these years. You walked beside me through my deepest darkest places. You are so precious and so cherished. I am thankful Source guided me to you! Beaming love, light and an abundance of gratitude, I look forward to future sessions with you.”